Q. There is no local dealer in my area that carries 
ARGON COMPONENTS. How can I order some parts?
A. If there are no Authorized 
ARGON COMPONENTS dealers in your area (within 50 km), you have two options:
• Go to your favourite local bike shop, and have them order some parts for you. They need to be a retail bicycle shop, and need to be no closer than 50 km to an existing 
ARGON COMPONENTS Dealer. Have them send e-mail to our Sales Office by contact form and ask for our distributor for the area. We can help sort it out from there.
• Order your parts in on-line store, autorized on-line store which you can find in the „contact”

Q. I am a distributor and I would like to carry your products. Who should I contact?

A. For distributors orders and inquiries please contact by contact form on our website

Q. Where are you based?
A. In Warsaw, Poland, EU  — you know, there were white bears walking on the streets 🙂

Q. Where are your products manufactured?
A. Every single detail of cutting, anodizing and laser marking we make is produced within 50 km from our headquarter.

Q. Can you guarantee my chain will never drop off?
A. No! Many different elements have impact on keeping the chain on, our chainring is only a small part of your drivetrain which keeps your chain on. It is important to use rear derailleur with cluth, in which case chain guide shall not be required for most riders. It use in Free Ride and Down Hill we recommend using the upper guide.

Q. What chain to use for your chainrings?
A. Our chainrings work with any 9, 10 and 11 speed chain. We also always recommend using a cluth-type of rear derailleur. Of Course, normal derailleur works also but offers more nervous chain work.

Q. Do our chainrings work with 9 speed drivetrain?
A. Yes, our rings work with 9 speed, but we recommend using 10 speed chain in case 9 speed sprocket (Yes, 10 speed chain works wery well with 9 speed sprocket)

Q. Can I use your single chainring with a front derailleur
A. Our single chainring will NOT work with a front derailleur.

Q. Which chain line is the best for 1x
A. The best chain line is when your chain is in middle of the cassette. It depends of your frame, in most cases the best chainline is between 47-48 mm. In other cases your chain will be working on the skew which can cause nervous work in extreme gear sets of the cassette.

Q. Which size of the chainring is right for me?
A. It depends on the size of your wheels and your style of riding, but generally if you are XC racer and you want to ride fast, you need to use the rings with 34-38 tooth. If you are enduro rider and you need a nice low climbing gear you should use 30-34 tooth rings.

Q. Do I need to modify my crank spider to use your 104 BCD x 30T chainring?
A. No modifications are needed. Our 30T is designed with a 2mm offset so that your chain does not contact the spider arms. Moreover our 30T chainring is threaded that is why you can use your old bolts from your crankset.

Q. Where I can find info about which DCB chainring I need?
A. Often the BCD is printed somewhere on your chainring.  If your chainrings have not such information, you will need to measure the distance between the bolts. See our technical page.